Five Most Significant Recent Papers

  • Lossy quantum source coding with a global error criterion based on a posterior reference map, T. A. Atif, M. A. Sohail and S. S. Pradhan, arXiv:2302.00625.
  • Lattices from Linear Codes: Source and Channel Networks, F. Shirani and S. S. Pradhan arXiv:2202.11238, (submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory).
  • Unified approach for computing sum of sources over CQ-MAC, M.A. Sohail, T. A. Atif, A. Padakandla and S. S. Pradhan arXiv:2202.10403 (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, December 2022).
  • Distributed Quantum Faithful Simulation and Function Computation Using Algebraic Structured Measurements, T. A. Atif, S. S. Pradhan arXiv:2101.02360 (submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory).
  • Faithful Simulation of Distributed Quantum Measurements with Applications in Distributed Rate-Distortion Theory,  M. Heidari, T. A. Atif, S. S. Pradhan,  arXiv:1901.06788, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, February 2022.