Current Students

  • Touheed Anwar Atif
  • James Pang

Past Students

  • Mohsen Heidari [profile]
    Thesis: Capacity, Error Exponent, and Structural Results for Communication Networks
    Graduation Date: January 2019
    Current Co-ordinates: Purdue University, IN, USA.
  • Farhad Shirani [profile]
    Thesis: Structural Results for Coding over Communication Networks 
    Graduation Date: December 2016
    Current Co-ordinates: North Dakota State University, ND, USA.
  • Aria Sahebi
    Thesis: Group, Lattice and Polar Codes for Multi-terminal Communications
    Graduation Date: April 2014
    Current Co-ordinates: A.R.T. Advisors, NY, USA.
  • Arun Padakandla [profile]
    Thesis: An algebraic framework for multi-terminal communication
    Graduation Date: December 2013
    Current Co-ordinates: Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, TN, USA.
  • Ali Nazari [profile]
    Thesis Co-advisor: Achilleas Anastasopoulos
    Thesis: Error exponents for multiple-access channels
    Graduation Date: April 2011
    Current Co-ordinates: Data Capital Management LLC, NY, USA
  • Dinesh Krithivasan
    Thesis: Algebraic structures for multi-terminal communications
    Graduation Date: January 2010
    Current Co-ordinates: Kantar, Chennai, India.
  • Ramji Venkataramanan [profile]
    Thesis: Information-theoretic results on communication problems with feed-forward and feedback
    Graduation Date: August 2008
    Current Co-ordinates: University Lecturer, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
  • Suhan Choi [profile]
    Thesis: A graph-based framework for transmission of correlated sources over multiuser channels
    Graduation Date: August 2006
    Current Co-ordinates: Associate Professor, DanKook University, South Korea.
  • Lihua Weng
    Thesis Co-advisor: Achilleas Anastasopoulos
    Thesis: Error exponent regions for multiuser channels
    Graduation Date: August 2005
    Current Co-ordinates: Ralink Technologies, Taiwan, R.O.C.